Whatsapp API

Our WhatsApp Business allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages for alerts, notifications, customer support, as well as two-factor authentication. You’ll be able to add all WhatsApp Business features through a single API.


When initiating a conversation with a customer, WhatsApp requires you to use a pre-approved Message Template (previously referred to as a Highly Structured Message or HSM).

You can create Message templates relevant to your Business, which we will forward to Whatsapp for approval.

Every Message Template needs to be approved by WhatsApp before it can be used. WhatsApp generally takes a couple of days to approve or reject a template.

When submitting the Message Template, keep in mind that it needs to contain the full body of the message (with the option to add unique parameters represented as placeholders) and at least one parameter.

Sampled Message Template

Sample template

Hi {1}! Your Order No. {2} is ready

sample full text

Hi Anna! Your Order No. 10 is ready

Non Template Messages

Any Messages sent with plain text/image will be rejected by whatsapp unless the customer texts your business account first. This window will last for 24hours and if there is no text again from the client, you'll be forced to use a message template to initiate communication with the specified client