Receive SMS

Configure Endpoints

  1. Head over to your Account. Under Account , you should be able to navigate to integrations tab.

  2. Scroll down to Callback URL section and update the value to a valid http(s) url.

  3. Click on Update.

    {info} The Update URL is used as a forward endpoint for all Messages received from all Platforms, i.e SMS, WHATSAPP

Receiving Messages

Once messages are received from service providers, they'll automatically be forwarded to the specified url

Sample Request

        "platform": "sms",
        "phone": "2547XXXXXXXX",
        "short_code": "22154",
        "short_message": "Test Inbox Message",
        "link_id": "123456_unique_value",
        "timeReceived": "2020-01-01 10:45:45"

{warning} All on demand Messages will have a link_id value that MUST be provided when making a subsequent send-sms request as a reply